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New “Indirect Trade” Ad Campaign Celebrates Opacity

A white mug of brown coffee sits amidst a pile of brown roasted coffee beans.

This piece is dedicated to Eric Dong, our excellent Patreon supporter and contributor whom we love and appreciate. By Joe Marrocco A successful mid-sized coffee roaster based in Springfield recently launched a new marketing campaign geared around the concept of “Indirect Trade Coffee.” I was able to sit down and chat with co-owner Makara Lowry about this movement and the…

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Farmers Experimenting with “Money” Process Coffee

Honey-processed coffee drying on a black drying bed.

  By Chris Kornman   PIATÃ, BR— Deep in the high plateaus of Chapada Diamantina, in the heart of Brazil’s vast state of Bahia, Valentina Pereira Souza has cracked the code of an entirely new wave of coffee processing.   “An agronomist told me that coffee processing equipment manufacturer Pinhalense invented pulped natural process in Mogiana years ago,” said Pereira,…

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New Findings Suggest Roasting Coffee Bad for Coffee Farmers

Roasted coffee beans.

  Alarming new findings released today by a prominent coffee research and development nonprofit show that the process of roasting coffee brings with it extreme and direct negative impacts on farmers’ ability to grow coffee.   “Our mission is and has always been to increase the global supply of quality coffee while improving the lives of those who produce it,”…

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Post-Coffee Farm Visit, Barista Finally Understands How Difficult it is to Pick Coffee

A coffee tree with some red cherries and some green.

  JACKSONVILLE, FL— Barista Maria Alexie recently came back from her first-ever trip to a coffee farm, and according to sources, she now “really gets” that it’s difficult to pick coffee and is “so impressed” by what farmers do.   “Whenever I would hear green buyers talk about working with producers on making sure to pick only ripe cherry, I…

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At ASIC Conference, Science Experts Strongly Recommend Measuring Shit

white-gloved hand using a microscope.

  PORTLAND, OR— Last week, the Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC) held its 27th biennial conference in Portland and shone a light on several critical issues affecting the future of coffee. Overall, they say, we as an industry really, really need to start measuring shit.   “As an industry, it’s super important that we work at consistently…

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