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Millionaire Launches Kickstarter to Fund New Coffee Venture

Kickstarter logo on a blue-green background.

  SEATTLE, WA— Coffee millionaire Mike Newton announced the launch of a Kickstarter for his latest venture, a new roasting company that he says will be “super cool,” and “a game-changer.”   Newton, who previously grew a successful roasting company that he then sold for millions, feels that launching his newest venture via Kickstarter will help get the project some…

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New Water Additive Allows You to Brew Coffee With Water

A droplet of water falling into a pool, all tinted purple and orange.

  MELBOURNE, AU— Entrepreneur and three-time Australian barista champion Stephen Volpe recently announced the launch of a new water additive that will “finally make it possible to brew great coffee with water.”   “As many of you know, coffee is 98% water,” he told reporters in a recent press conference. “So the water matters. But right now, the water we…

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Coffee Cart Popup Increases Net Worth by 10% After Purchasing Case of Oat Milk

A person in black pours oat milk from a silver steaming pitcher into a cappuccino with a tulip design.

  By Colton Kirby   NASHVILLE, TN— A local popup coffee cart increased its net worth by 9.6% after acquiring a case of a popular oat-based milk alternative. To the cart’s owners, two 20-something self-professed coffee nerds, the decision came easily.   “After looking at market research and crunching some numbers, it only made sense,” says CEO and marketing director…

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