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Millionaire Launches Kickstarter to Fund New Coffee Venture

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  SEATTLE, WA— Coffee millionaire Mike Newton announced the launch of a Kickstarter for his latest venture, a new roasting company that he says will be “super cool,” and “a game-changer.”   Newton, who previously grew a successful roasting company that he then sold for millions, feels that launching his newest venture via Kickstarter will help get the project some…

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Landlord Receives 30-Day Eviction Notice From Cafe Owners, Launches Crowdfund

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  This piece is dedicated to Velton Ross, our most excellent Patreon supporter without whom we couldn’t do this.    SEATTLE, WA— In a shocking and heartbreaking reversal, Seattle landlord Mike Marcon of Marcon Properties has received a 30-day eviction notice from a cafe owner couple to whom he rents space. He needs your help to cover the gap.   Marcon got…

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