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Millionaire Launches Kickstarter to Fund New Coffee Venture


SEATTLE, WA— Coffee millionaire Mike Newton announced the launch of a Kickstarter for his latest venture, a new roasting company that he says will be “super cool,” and “a game-changer.”


Newton, who previously grew a successful roasting company that he then sold for millions, feels that launching his newest venture via Kickstarter will help get the project some “much-needed visibility.”


“It’s about getting people to invest emotionally, getting that buy-in,” he told Knockbox reporters. “When people contribute to a Kickstarter, they can say to themselves years later, ‘I supported that,’ which is a super meaningful thing.”


When asked to tell us more about what makes his newest venture so exciting, he restated that it will be a “complete game-changer,” and then added that it will be a “paradigm-shifter.”


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