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Super Chill Cafe Loves Jesus but Doesn’t Want to Make You Uncomfortable


KNOXVILLE, TN— One Knoxville cafe really loves Jesus but is also super chill and doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable.


“We want the space to be comfortable to all people, so they can interact with the Lord’s energy in a way that’s on their level,” owner Mike Lester told the Knockbox. “We try to keep it secular because we know not everyone shares our views, but the love is there when folks are ready for it.”


The cafe, which hosts a non-denominational youth “get-together” on Sundays, is decorated with colorful paintings and several comfy couches.


“We try to keep a pretty cool playlist going, stuff like Arctic Monkeys or Tame Impala,” barista Liam Redding said. “Only secular music, just stuff that anyone would like. I’m a bassist too; lots of folks who work here play music.”


“Coffee is such an important way to connect with something bigger,” said Lester. “We just want to help folks connect with Jesus, but without maki


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