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Home Barista Suffers Burns Due to Beautiful Glass Decanter


By Jákó Haraszti


BUDAPEST, HU— Local home barista and coffee shop goer Kovács Józsi suffered first degree burns this morning due to his beautiful glass decanter, which still looked great compared to the plastic alternative that would not have burned him.


After a merry and successful dinner party, Kovács broke out his full coffee setup to pin the perfect tail on the meal. After lovingly hand-grinding and brewing a single-farmer lot from Nariño, Colombia, he used his beautifully designed glass coffee decanter to serve his eight guests.


“I’d never used my server for more than one person before,” the burned barista told our reporters. “It was shocking how hot the full glass decanter can get. It got hotter and hotter and I didn’t want to ruin the service, so I just kept pouring.” After he finally emptied the server, his hand was bright-red and painful for several days.


His guests watched the burning progress with dismay and resignation.


“I was like, hey man, that looks like it’s getting pretty hot,” said Kovács’s brother, Dénes. “Like a strong ‘hint, hint, you can put it down.’ But he just kept going. I tried to talk to him afterwards about getting the plastic one, but it was like a closed door.”


“It was pretty painful to watch,” said Kovács’s wife, Lili. “But I knew that for him, there was no alternative.”


“Could it have been avoided with the plastic server? Yes. Would it have been as pretty? Not nearly,” Kovács told us. “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”


Jákó Haraszti is a home barista living in Budapest, Hungary. He’s rather partial towards African coffees.


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