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Landlord Receives 30-Day Eviction Notice From Cafe Owners, Launches Crowdfund


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SEATTLE, WA— In a shocking and heartbreaking reversal, Seattle landlord Mike Marcon of Marcon Properties has received a 30-day eviction notice from a cafe owner couple to whom he rents space. He needs your help to cover the gap.


Marcon got home one evening to find the eviction notice on his door. “They didn’t even have the decency to call me. I called them and they didn’t answer, so I left like ten messages. I was shaking—I couldn’t believe it,” Marcon told us.


The notice, while shocking, did come on the heels of a long period of turbulence and non-communication. “I talked to them six months ago about renegotiating their lease for the new year, and they got kind of weird. They stopped answering my calls, but I figured they were just busy,” said Marcon. “Then this. I’m in shock. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”


Marcon launched a GoFundMe to try to raise money to cover the gap and put down money on a new place, but the timing is rough. “They really didn’t leave me much room here,” he sighed.


The cafe owners did not respond to our request for comment. To support Marcon through this trying period, donate to his GoFundMe.


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