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Revolutionary Device Lets You Make Fantastic Cold Brew at Home


Have you ever wanted to make excellent cold brew at home without all the mess? A revolutionary new brewing device called the KōldBruer could be the answer.


According to a recent press release, the device lets you pour water directly over coffee grounds, letting them sit as long as you like. When it’s time to decant, it utilizes a plunger and mesh screen to strain the finished brew, leaving behind the mess.


At a cool 45 bucks, the KōldBruer is definitely in the gift range, but its makers describe it as an investment. “If you think about how much you and your loved ones will save on cafe expenses, the KōldBruer is a lifetime investment for cold-brew lovers,” creator Lars Nilsson told reporters.  


We talked to a handful of the most notoriously hard-to-please coffee product reviewers in the biz to see if KōldBruer lives up to its own hype.


“The KōldBruer is an absolute game-changer,” coffee product reviewer and former barista champion Michael Pool told us. “ I will never go back.”


“Are you all crazy?” responded C/Reddit user and cold brew aficionado Marco Campo when we inquired after his thoughts on the product’s utility and price. “This is a French press. Literally just a French press.”


Home barista Miriam Maine is a fan, but with some strings attached. “It’s a really solid product, but I do think they could bring the price-point down long-term. Still, totally worthwhile.”


Will the KōldBruer change the game? Is it worth the price? Only time will tell.


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