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Barista Disgruntled After Customer Friend-Requests Her on Facebook

PITTSBURGH, PA— Local barista Aisha Khan was disgruntled today when a regular customer at her coffee shop requested her friendship on Facebook. Our reporters hit the scene to investigate.

“I mean, we interact a few times a week, but it’s not like we’re actual friends,” she told us. “I don’t want to share my political views and, like, pictures of me drinking on my birthday with him.”

We talked to the customer in question, Marc Leightner, to see what was going through his head.

“If I’m acquainted with someone and I see them on a regular basis, I’ll friend them,” he said. “It’s not like your Facebook friends are really all your friends. It’s really not a big deal to me.”

Khan’s coworkers corroborated that Leightner had requested their friendship as well.

“Yeah, I accepted,” said Eric Kean, who works as a barista and shift lead at Khan’s cafe. “Why not? He seems pretty cool.”

“No customers on my Facebook, that’s my rule,” said another coworker, Ellen Kae.  

At the time of publication, Khan has not accepted the friend request, but has not yet hit ignore either. This story is still developing.

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