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Barista Makes Coworker Photograph Him Throwing Latte To Look Like He’s Using The Force


RICHMOND, VA— Everything came to a halt at one Richmond cafe this morning as barista Terry Kyler made his coworker take a super cool picture of him throwing a latte so that it looked like he was using the force.


“I really didn’t want to do it, but he just wouldn’t take no for an answer,” said barista Leticia Silva, who has been working alongside Kyler for the last year and a half. “Eventually I just went with it.”


“Dude, it was so fucking cool,” gushed Kyler. “We only smashed two lattes total, and now I have this great picture for the rest of my life. It totally looks like I’m using the force.”


The impromptu photo shoot took place in the early afternoon during a lull in the small neighborhood shop, during which only three customers came in.


I spoke with Mary Schwartz, who arrived just as the first attempt smashed to the ground in the dishroom. “I had no idea what was going on,” said Schwartz. “No one was at the register and there was this huge smashing sound and laughter. I just took out my laptop and eventually someone came to the counter.”


“Yeah, we timed it perfectly,” said Kyler. “Only a few customers had to wait.”


The photo, which is super cool, will appear on Kyler’s social media within the next few hours.


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