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Coffee Shop Customer Writes Negative Review, Feels a Little Better


SAN JOSE, CA—This morning after a cafe experience that left him displeased, local coffee shop customer Charles Duverne wrote a negative review and reportedly felt “a little better.


Our reporters talked to Duverne about his experience.


“It was bullshit. I just wanted them to give me hazelnut syrup, but instead the barista decided to be a rude hipster snowflake.” According to witnesses, Duverne was visibly shaken by the encounter and clearly very upset.


“We get folks like that in here a fair amount, and you really just have to try to be kind to them,” on-shift barista Mark Haddon told us. “We have a house-made vanilla bean syrup but he really just wanted hazelnut. It’s understandable, I guess.”


By the time he reached his office, Duverne’s anger had not dissipated. In a last-ditch attempt to console himself, he logged into his Yelp account and gave the shop a one-star review, explaining his encounter. The review read as follows:


Hipster barista wouldn’t give me hazelnut syrup but did make me pay three dollars for a large coffee with some sugar water. Don’t waste your money.


“After I posted the review, I felt a little better,” he told our reporters.


The shop’s rating went down from 5 stars to 4.9, then rebounded later that day when an old woman had such a lovely experience she just had to share it with the world.


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